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Ordering Hatching Eggs and Ducklings


    Please complete the order form below. Once we have communicated and have found a time frame that works for delivery or pick up of eggs or ducklings, a PayPal "Goods and Services" invoice, which offers buyer protection, will be sent. Full payment for hatching eggs and ducklings is required to secure your order and preferred date of shipment. A refund will be issued for any part of your order that is unfulfilled.

    Our prepay policy allows for precise shipping dates to be given to customers.  It also eliminates large amounts of time spent sending messages to people on a wait list to see if they are still interested and then spending more time waiting for replies. That causes serious customers to lose time and leaves us with hatching eggs that age out and more ducklings than we need. 

     We ship ducklings Priority Express when temperatures permit. Customers must pick up ducklings at their local post office. We recommend that you contact your post office to alert them of their arrival so that they can call you as soon as they receive them. Please note that shipping can be as much, if not more than, the total cost of the ducklings. We can give you a rough shipping cost estimate based on zip code and projected weight of ducklings/food. 

     For hatching eggs, one invoice, which will include the cost of the eggs (plus postage if shipping), will be sent. For ducklings, one invoice, which will include the cost of the ducklings, will be sent. If shipping is required for ducklings, the cost of the bird shipping box, plus Priority Mail Express shipping, will be included in a second invoice that will be sent the day of shipment. The FeatherEx 12x12x12 bird shipping boxes we use are $25. Shipping is based on weight and destination. 

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Thank you for your order. We try to respond as soon as possible. Please check your spam or junk mail folder to ensure you don't miss our email.

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