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Week Old/Straight Run

     A lot of time and resources are spent on producing quality birds. We selectively breed toward good conformation and size for these dual purpose ducks. It is always a work in progress.  We do not mass produce ducklings. Beginning with proper nutrition for our breeding stock, we produce small hatches that are strong, active, and healthy. 


     This is a wonderful heritage breed that checks all the boxes. They are excellent foragers. This trait helps supplement feed during spring, summer, and fall. They are prolific egg layers. Drakes are large enough to make a good meat bird. Anconas are calm and docile and can be taught to eat out of your hand. They are also flightless and easily herded. Ducks will lay for five to eight years and can live up to ten years. They are heat tolerant and cold hardy. Their varied colors are marked in random patterns, making them distinguishable from each other. 

     Our drakes are black and lavender, and our hens are black, blue, and chocolate. We hatch all colors in both sexes: black, blue, chocolate, lavender, lilac, and silver. Tricolors are possible. Tricolor refers to the pattern and not the color. (See top middle photo for example of what a tricolor pattern looks like.)


     Parents free-range and are fed high-quality feed that is formulated to meet the needs of breeding stock.  Healthy parents produce healthy babies.  A lot of time and care is taken to get them off to a great start.  Ducklings are fed Mazuri Waterfowl Starter feed. They are handled daily from the day they hatch. We keep them for one week to ensure they are thriving. 


     We do not sex ducklings.  They are sold straight run. This means their sex is unknown. It is very important to have a plan for your extra males. The ideal ratio is one male to four to six females. You will more than likely end up with more males than you need.  It is crucial to have a plan for extra males as too many can seriously injure females during breeding season. 

     We do ship ducklings to most states. Please check the map at the bottom of the hatching eggs page to see if we ship to your state.


     We only ship ducklings through USPS Express Mail. Temperatures must be suitable on both ends. There is a minimum order of four and a maximum order of six. They should arrive within 24 to 48 hours of being shipped. Ducklings must be picked up at the post office and cannot be delivered to a residence. Care instructions are included. It should be noted that shipping can cost just as much as if not more than, the actual total cost of the ducklings. There is also the additional cost of the FeatherEx 12x12x12 bird shipping box, which is $25. 

     We highly recommend to customers that they order Mazuri Waterfowl Starter prior to bringing their ducklings home. This specially formulated feed requires no supplementing and will help your new ducklings continue to thrive in the crucial first four to six weeks of their development. 


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