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 Hatching Eggs


     Before hatching eggs leave our farm, we ensure that they have consistently shown excellent fertility, are packaged well, and marked appropriately for shipping. The majority of hatching eggs will be one to two days old, and none will be over three days old. Egg color will be a combination of white and green. We try to send extras when available. ​

     Clean nesting boxes and daily morning collection allow for eggs to be as clean as possible when packaged. Keep in mind that ducks have big, flat feet that can track mud when wet, so eggs will more than likely not be spotless. 

     There is no guarantee on fertility or hatching rates, but we want you to be happy. Your success is our success! We are more than happy to work with customers should problems arise. 

     We do not use the free Priority Mail boxes. We use thicker boxes with a 32 ECT. They are much more protective and help your eggs arrive safely. See photos below showing how we pack eggs for shipping.  (Click on first photo for easier viewing.)

     We are NPIP certified by the State of Missouri and U.S. Pullorum-Typhoid clean.  NPIP VS 9-3 form will accompany all orders. 

     Please check the map below for shipping eligibility and discount for being the first from your state to order. Shipping charges are as follows:

Half Dozen Hatching Eggs ($15 Priority Shipping)

One Dozen Hatching Eggs ($20 Priority Shipping) 

Help Us Fill in the Map!

Be the first from your state to get hatching eggs from us and receive 20% off one dozen (shipping excluded). We will then color in your state!

We are not able to ship to striped states at this time. This is due to those states requiring Avian Influenza testing, and we do not test our birds for that since it would require them to be penned 24/7. We test for Pullorum-Typhoid only, and that is what our NPIP certification is in. 

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